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Friday, June 30, 2006

Enough Tour de Farce... Let's talk 8-hours at Sonoma

Clicky the linky for the haps at the 8-Hour Lake Sonoma race:

TWW Dominates the 8-Hour Lake Sonoma race again!

Y'all missed out on some great racing and a serious supply of the Drool. Next tour stop - Downieville. Beer and groupies in copius quantities...

(Rich Henthorn showing you what cyclists bodies look like when they're not doping - okay, maybe doping is a good thing...)

Ullrich waves buh bye to the TourDayFrance

Looks like an American sweep of the Tour podium

Well, now that all 5 of last year's top 5 are goner from layTour, the Americans have a serious chance at sweeping the podium. I'm sure that's just what the Euros want to hear.

Here is TWW's highly researched prediction on the podium following the cruise on the Avenue de Champs-Elysses...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Jersey Manufacturer for 2007?

For 2007, we're considering using a new jersey manufacturer. They use a new fabric that has the ultimate wicking/cooling properties.

Too bad that most of us need something to fully cover us up. Shoot, it would take at least three coats before Kyle's whiteness would be tolerable without a welding shield.

Hey no helmets?!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Told you so!

"Congratulations to all for the excellent finishes, lessons in flat repairs, and battle scars. I'm actually really bummed I wasn't there. As it turned out, Shaney came down with the worst stomach flu ever on Friday night, and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday taking care of her and Riley."

- Scott Schlachter on his weekend

Don't mess with the karma baby! Hope Shaney is doing better though. Shaney, you can blame Scott for your illness.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Shoulda been "Team Chicken Bleep"

Guess Team Had Balls has definitely lost them... two of the pansies are going to Downieville because they can't race without Keith apparently. And Keith's excuse was somewhat lame because he had plenty o' time to try to reschedule thangs.

And now Schlachter is trying to talk me into going to D-ville instead - wait, shuttle rides, even suh-weeter singletr... $hit, strike that. I'm not letting my teammates down. Nosirree! No Team Chicken Bleep here.

Holy fock it's going to be hot!!!

I'm melting in the sun

And this is what they call the life

I suppose too much sun

Makes a desert Arab say

Man, the blast furnace is going to be cranked up to high. Dang*, couldn't the cool weather held off just a couple more weeks? Below is the forecast for the weekend in nearby Geyersville. Add another couple degrees at the race venue. Oi. Hope that hose is available to cool off under after each lap.

And to make matters "more worser", Team Schmoop ain't gonna be there.
:( Well, at least now we can stay focused on crushing the Whispering Rodents...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

One speed is all you need

How does World Cup soccer relate to cycling? It doesn't really, just found this photo interesting with the whole singlespeed thang.

Gives new meaning for going for a ride on the singlespeed...

BTW - nice job U.S.A. for being eliminated in the 1st round again. One goal in three games? And some people wonder why soccer is a fringe sport here but huge everywhere else in the world. Heck*, cycling might be a bigger draw than soccer in the U.S.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Infamous Wrong Way Loop

We carved this trail at Lake Sonoma many moons ago - maybe 1995 or 1996. Who knows. A long time ago. A notorious loop, starts innocently enough by entering off a fire road under some trees onto a nice singletrack. Then the singletrack meanders out in a field for awhile - no shade, no nuttin'. A bit warm out there. Watch for a few rocks on the trail and a couple of hidden depressions (just off the trail) near the end and then it dumps you out back on the fireroad - about 20 yards from where you entered.

Definitely a point where people have cheated (lame) because this junction is not watched during the race. They put up some sticks to guide you onto the trail. Yes it is hot. Yes, you are miserable. But don't be out there if you're going to cheat.

Will it be part of the course this Sunday? We shall see...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lake Sonoma Team Featurette - Team Had Balls


Scott Schlachter - 15th Expert DH 35-39 SOC; 16th Sport XC 35-44 Skyline
Rich Davis - Race results unknown

Mat Berman - Race results unknown

Absent is the outspoken leader of Team Had Balls, Keith White. Something about being afraid or something like that. Schlachter is 1/2 the man he used to be - well, not quite, but our DHer extraordinaire has gotten quite svelte this year and probably comes into the race in his best shape ever. Rich is another talented rider, who despite being an old man, is perty darn fast. Mat is a wildcard - we've been told he is a back of the pack Sport racer and is a champion farter. Sounds like perfect TWW material...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Fox Shox are #1

Just a few weeks old and he already knows who makes the best forks in the World. Smart kid despite his dad... :)

Welcome to our newest TWWer - congrats P & J!!!

(and that is the #1 sign he's making - he's not getting ready to pick his nose, okay?)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Dangers of an Unzipped Jersey

Need I say more? Sum beotch. Cheaper than pec implants but unfortunately a different kind of "all swolled up" (not to mention the itchy blotchy red discoloration isn't very appealing).

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Times!

She said YES!

She rides and she climbs. Score!

<-Lover's Leap, East Wall

Team Beer Me?

Hopefully this isn't Team Beer Me at Lake Sonoma in about 1.5 weeks:

Dude's a bit tipsy

Most likely Isaias if it is...

Brandon Trail Time Trial

Our friends at Cyclepath are putting on a little TT. You game? Come on now, pay a visit to the hurt locker. It'll be fun, really...


Interested in some fun competition?

Join our fun time trial at Lake Chabot on July 1st, 2006

  • Starts at the parking lot of the Golf Course at the base of Brandon Trail at 9:00am

  • Take your own time as soon as possible and register here: BTTT times

  • Come ride with us (Cyclepath) on Tuesdays at 6pm.
  • Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Lake Sonoma Team Featurette - Semi-Solo MO


    Meredith Obendorfer - has she raced this year?

    What's up with the name? Well, a typical MO manuever - throwing a monkey wrench into the equation. She wants to spend a good portion of the race riding with a friend (Jaimi). So they can't be on the same team, but then if the skill levels on their separate teams are different they may not be able to ride laps together. So instead, they'll both ride solo for part of the day, then call it quits when they're tired. Then it's adult beverage and fud time!

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Ten Observations from Mt. Diablo

    1) There are no easy routes via the dirt to the summit - well, almost to the summit

    2) Sunscreen works (you find this out when you don't wear it)

    3) Regardless of how nice you are, some hikers will always dislike you because you're on a bike

    3a) See #3 above but insert "equestrians" in place of "hikers"

    4) Hikers and cyclists can get along, really (I had several nice conversations with hikers)

    5) There are some steep a$$ trails on Mt. Diablo (Burma, Mother's)

    6) Most of the wildflowers are gone at this point

    7) Water is still running very cold though down in the lower creeks

    8) It could be 50 degrees out but the trail up Wall Pt. will always be hot and you'll be baking in the sun

    8a) Same with wind - it could be blowing 30mph but you won't feel any wind on Wall Pt.

    9) Carry either a rattlesnake kit or cell phone with you (didn't need either, but man the conditions were ripe)

    10) Mt. Diablo is a true jewel that most take for granted

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    Team Wrong Way

    How 15 go to the Nationals, why even bother saying it's a qualifier? maybe it's the "everyone is a winner" concept seeping into bike racing now. What's next?

    June 8, 2006 — USA Cycling today confirmed that the Bigfoot Classic in Arcata, CA is now a sanctioned NORBA event. Along with their permit this event has been designated a cross country and downhill qualifier for the 2006 USA Cycling MTB National Championships to be hosted by the Infineon Technologies Cougar Mountain Classic at Sonoma, CA's Infineon Raceway, July 13 - 16, 2006.

    The top 15 positions in each category will qualify to race at the National Championships.

    Northern Californian riders now have the opportunity to qualify close to home, which they have been asking for. The Bigfoot Classic's website has full information on these two races. The cross country will be held on 7/1/06 and the downhill will be held on 7/2/06.

    Are you pilot material?

    Got nuttin' better to do at work on a Friday? Shoot, on any day. Try this game and see if you are worthy of being an Air Force pilot (allegedly they can do this for over two minutes).

    Dexterity Game

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Lake Sonoma Team Featurette - Roaring Mouse Cycles


    Well, we're not even sure if they're going to have a team. But they are trying to round up some folks from what I can tell. These two have some ties to TWW so we're including them here. This should help to motivate them, eh?

    - Julie Barott - 3rd Sport 40-49 SOC; 4th Sport 35-44 NVDC; otherwise, not too sure about her 2006 race results - seems to be riding the road bike quite a bit lately. As you can see in her former TWW profile, she definitely looked better in our colors.

    - Paule "Master" Bates - doing a lot of home remodeling apparently, falling out of shape like the rest of us. Took a DFL at the SOC, but at least he did the 2-lap SS class, unlike us wusses doing the 1-lap version.

    Let the games begin! Will we see the Whispering Rodents at Sonoma?

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Lake Sonoma Team Featurette - Team Beer Me


    - Isaias Job - 3rd Expert27-34 Skyline; 7th Expert <34 CCCX3; 7th Expert 30-34 NVDC; 24th Expert 30-34 SOC

    - Matt Cerkel - 25th Sport 35-39 NVDC; 30th Sport 35-44 CCCX4; 98th Sport 35-39 SOC

    - Mike Gin - 20th Sport 35-44 Skyline; way back Sport SS SOC

    - Sean Burns - Race results unknown

    Okay, clearly a fun team - Isaias will be carrying the majority of the load, as he arguably is our fastest rider. However, his legs should be somewhat tired after doing the Pescadero road race the day before. He's still working hard to get to Cat 3 by the end of the year. We're still waiting for Matt to round into form (that didn't sound good, did it?) But he is the one responsible for getting us the Drool so he's always welcome, regardless of his fitness. In an ironic twist, I'm taking Nick's spot on the team as he actually has a paying concrete counter job. It is ironic in that I'm not a beer drinker. We are going to dearly miss Nick's BBQ. :( We don't know much about Sean, other than he rode with the TWW crew at Skegg's and was encouraged to race. Guess he wasn't scared away by us so that's a good sign.

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Lake Sonoma Team Featurette - Team Schmoop


    - Sabine Dukes - 4th Expert 30-39 Firestone Walker; Somethingth Place Expert 35-39 SOC; a podium spot in some roadie crit; and many finishes in road related schtuff; oh, and founder of some little girly bike club.

    - Michael Hernandez - 1st Expert 35-39 Firestone Walker; bunch o' roadie and CX podiums and victories - too much to list here. Click on the linky to see his results the bastage. Safeway Linky

    Michael is some freak roadie boy who's fast as a mutha. He clearly has some dirt skills from his CX racing - he just kinda showed up at the Firestone Walker race and won the Expert category (one cannot just show up and join the Semi-Pros even though that's where he should've been). This course should be right up his alley. Expect some smokin' fast times. Sabine - do I need to say more? She's got a super coach and is motivated. Watch out for her "Eye of the Tiger" out there. She's been dabbling quite a bit on the road lately, but her roots are in the dirt. Look for good things from this team - and plenty o' schmoop!!!

    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Lake Sonoma Team Featurette - The Fast MoFos/The Orkin Men


    - Franck Mangin - 2nd Sport 35-44 Skyline; 13th Sport 35-44 NVDC; 22nd Sport 35-44 CCCX2

    - Allan Sherlock - Current TWW Moose Drool Cup leader; 2nd Sport SS CCCX1; 3rd Sport SS CCCX2, CCCX4; 4th Sport SS CCCX3; 12th Sport SS SOC

    - Ty Brookhart - 3rd Sport Skyline 27-34

    - Kyle Brookes - no races this year?

    Originally formed many moons ago when Nick was in shape, the Fast MoFos team name has been a staple at the 8-Hour scene. Franck has been secretly working himself into shape, not racing himself into shape like some of us try. He smoked the Skyline course and likely would've challenged the Expert class for a podium spot. Allan is a lean muscular one (that MO likes riding behind) who claims he doesn't lift weights. Dude is a monster on his SS (his only fat tired bike). Someday he'll upgrade to the Expert SS class so us slow SSers have a remote chance. Ty is the new guy. Pretty lofty expectations putting him on the MoFos, but his performance at Skyline is worthy (not to mention how much riding this guy does - clearly he's single). We expect this team to challenge for a podium spot as well. Now with the addition of Kyle, this team will definitely grab a podium spot and crush those pesky rodents... :)