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Monday, February 27, 2006

I Wonder Why...

...I don't see this vision during my races:

But manage to see this one:

Actually, thought I saw this second vision during the weekend - had some weird allergic reaction (I hope not to shellfish since dungeoness crab is prolly my all-time favorite food but all signs are pointing that way). Was all swolled up and covered with itchy hives. Not fun. So hence my late post.

Overall it was a great first Tour of Kah-lee-foe-nee-ah. The locals represented and man did the weather cooperate (considering it is pouring right now and snow is predicted near the end of the week again).

Can't wait for next year!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Green Green with envy?

Big ups to our friends at Clif Bar for being a big sponsor in this race, their emissions neutral or something like that effort, and for their goofy Green Green Jersey spots. Sure seems like something TWW would try to pull off...

Actually kinda reminds me of the good ol' days when Bob Knight used to ride for our group... except he was covered in hair, not grass...

Crazy man, crazy

So being the anal retentive wannabe tech guy, I was cringing everytime I saw BJM's site with the huge fonts and sidebar down at the bottom (not to mention our link from his site buried down there). This only happens apparently on some browsers (IE). So I tweaked with it a little bit, and sent the updated file to him late last night. I said, check it out, should help with the formatting.

Well, much to my surprise, I get an e-mail response back from him this morning prior to the stage - dude is checking his e-mail before the SLO to Santa Barbara stage!!! Crazy man, crazy. This Jake-Main dude is a stud. His sign off was classic:

"okay, a little bike ride now..."

I knew the name before from his dominating performances at the NVDC, but now I'm definitely a fan. Oh and he gave me access to his website so look for some TWW influence in there... he doesn't know me but gives me access to his website... muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Old Stompin' Grounds...

I was checking out the route for today's stage in the Tour of Cali and see that it will go right past my family's restaurant (we don't run the restaurant anymore, but it is still in business - 815 Palm Street, right near the corner of Palm and Chorro - the race route goes right down Chorro). Daggonit, and I'm in the Bay Area. Wonder if I can drive down there and beat the cyclists?

Oh, and trust me, you don't need to joke about the name of the restaurant - our family ran it for close to 50 years, so we've heard it all. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Okay, so it's their first try...

For Tour of California #2 they're going to have to work on the podium women... I think the VB's could help in that department...

Wow, that would've put this race on the map big time

The headline read, "Three cyclists in Tour of California run down by psychotic CHP!!!"

Tell us the truth BJM, this near miss created a brown spot on your chamois, didn't it? Holy mother of pearl, what the hell was that CHP thinkin?!!! Thankfully he avoided y'all.

Just prior to that, Bob Roll commented, "...this puts Ben Jacques-Maynes in the jersey on the road as we say". Pretty cool.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Marin? Or Marin?

Just tuning into the Tour of Kah-lee-four-nee-ah and am enjoying the ESPN2 coverage. Bob Roll and Paul Sherwen doing a bang up job. That was until Paul said, "beautiful Mare-in County". Mare-in?!!! Perhaps someone could've whispered into his ear and said, "Yo Paul, it's Ma-rin, not Mare-in, got it?"

Cool to see the local roads. Lots o' people out there. Wish I was one. Terribly bizzy week though this week.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hottie #4

Alrighty, my fan asked for it, so here's the latest installment of Hottie of the every two weeks. We're primarily mountain bikers, so here's a super fast mountain bike DHer... oi... and she has some of the best posters around (as evidenced by this one here). I would use the infamous Mr. Chai seat statement here, but well, that certainly would get me in trubble (more than I usually am).

She has had some great results, was a pro snowboarder, but does any of that really matter? Hey, we're sponsored by Maxxis, maybe we could plan an "event" together... yeah baby!!!

April Lawyer

Friday, February 17, 2006

Remember those Friday Night Chabot Rides??

F' that... it's cold outside.. and you can't blog from there.

Must See Bloggee...

Ready, Fire, Aim

Well, since the guy walked out of the hospital we can joke about this (although there were plenty of jokes prior to him walking out of the hospital).

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Don't question my knowledge of DH Kewzeen

Yeah, see, Cheetos have been around longer than South Park and I'm sure that South Park couldn't use the name Cheetos Puffs without getting into big trubble. Of course, the term "Cheesy Poof" is perfect for South Park.

Anyone else want to challenge my knowledge of snack food from back in the day? None of this current stuff since I don't really snack on that stuff no mo'.

Is it summer yet?

Yes, the East Coast just got blanketed with a couple o' feet of snow. And that little rodent (no, not the Boring Meeses) saw his shadow. But this weather - 70's and sunny is just such a tease. Let me tell you something... I got a fever... and the only prescription is more tan lines...

Monday, February 13, 2006


I normally don't like to give my "competition" any clues as to my fitness during my offseason double secret Russian training program. But since it is still early and I don't plan on racing until most likely Sea Otter, it should be safe to share this info.

Athenian to the junction of Mt. Diablo. Not great, not even good, but did so without pain and probably could've pushed harder. At this rate, should easily be sub-35 (which translates roughly to about 1:05ish to the summit from what I remember - not too bad for an out of shape dad) by the time Sea Otter rolls around. I'll be looking to kick some of my "competition's" arse in the SS challenge...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Huh, huh, guess where I'm calling from?

This could be the downfall of humanity. Having wireless access for Internet stuff (e-mail in particular) would be great, but puh-leeze, do we really need to have everyone yapping on their cell phones on an airplane? With phones on the plane, at over a $1/minute you hardly get any use and therefore you get some peace and quiet.

FCC Proposal

If you travel a lot, this could get ugly. You may want to invest in some really nice headphones that will block the outside sound out - they will be your most important item to pack, oh yes, they will. I've got mine already.

Please tell me that just didn't happen...

So I'm packing up my desk for a move downstairs and my mp3 player is playing random songs. I'm not wearing headphones so it is playing through the speaker. This burly inked up construction dude walks by just as Wham's Careless Whisper is playing. Uhhh, how about that Super Bowl? Can I borrow your hammer - I need to pound some nails into my hand. [adjust self]. So, why did you do time? Me, well that's a long story...

Not that there is anything wrong with it. Timing was classic though. AC/DC was the next song - really gol dang it! Sorry to move that picture below down with this post.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finally some perfect instructions on where to post that race number

You know you've been there - does the number go on the front of the bike? The back of the jersey? The side of the jersey? Between the top tube and down tube? On your a$$?

Well, this should clear things up. Or muck things up depending on the circumstances. Hey, what is the status of us putting on an XC race this year? I'll handle the numbers...

* Photo courtesy of Nick from the last VB soiree he attended. Dude, next time you need a co-pilot let me know.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TWW Sign Specifications and User Fees

While we maintain exclusive rights to the "WRONG WAY" sign, we do make it available at a nominal charge. This has helped us fund TWW for these 11+ years to pay for such important things as website fees, beer, donations to non-profits, beer, salaries, beer, the TWW Olympics, Nick's pec implants, insurance, Loren's 300Z that he totalled, schwanky new gear and kits for Hub members, and so on, and so on.

Now with Moose Drool on board we can utilize this money in a much more effective manner - go go dancers!!!

If you want to use this sign, please make sure you send in your licensing fee to Thank you for your bidness.

Monday, February 06, 2006

You can never have enough socks, right?

Help us choose the new design for the 2006 TWW sock. Actually, these were 2005 designs, but someone was actually riding their bike more than doing administrative stuff - so they were put on the backburner. But we're ready now. So choose one you like, make comments, etc. If you think you've got a better idea, by all means share it. It probably sucks, but we'll give you the ol' pat on the back for your efforts. The 2004 design was included for comparison purposes only.

We're leaning towards deFeet this year. We're late in the game, so prolly won't have them by the Otter. But in standard TWW fashion, you'll get them as soon as we receive them and we only charge you what they cost.

Oh and here's another option:

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trying to get out of the funk

Still feeling the effects of Friday, but today helped. The Bellas helped to lift my spirits some and the trail work was a nice break (even though I sweated like a mutha doing that work).

This photo has nothing to do with anything other than the fact it was posted at the restaurant I ate at tonight. Trying to bring some levity back into the picture.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Phucked Phriday

Son of a phuck gawd dammit - I closed the garage door on my cat. I am so sad I can't believe it. She was really old and all but that wasn't the way I pictured her going. I'm so very sorry. You'll be missed Chopin. Say hello to Sadie for me.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Campy or Shimano?

6:00AM - Well I don't know if all that's true 'cause you got me, and baby I got you... Babe, I got you babe, I got you babe...

You know you are in a good mood, when a bird $hits on you first thing in the morning, and it doesn't take the skip out of your step.

Yep. On the walk between car and office this morning.

Stupid bird.

But it didn't put a dent in my heck of a strong shmooop day I'm having. It's on for intervals this afternoon. On baby.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hottie of the Every Two Weeks #3

Stumbled across this photo - oi. Sorry, lost track of the link but you should have a good idea of where I found it. No one ever said that you had to be a professional cyclist to qualify for TWW's Hottie of the now Every Two Weeks post. Heck*, do you even have to be a cyclist? Fortunately there are lots of fantastique applicants out there. You could be next. Please send your submissions to

Kinda reminds me of when Winona Rider was super cute. Grrrrrrrrrrrr... Before the stupid "Oh I was doing some research for an upcoming movie that involves a shoplifter." Not so grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

< Insert Witty Title Here >

Many ways to interpret this image... you know how it applies to you.